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Self Care Ideas during COVID-19

1. Create a happy morning routine

As soon as you wake up, do something that makes you happy, whether it's going for a jog, playing video games for an hour, or hanging out with your cat. Do something that gets you excited for your day! 

2. Go for a walk but keep your distance

Whether you're going early in the morning, or taking a break during your work day, make sure you move yourself! I personally go to my balcony - it still counts, right?

3. Feel your feelings

It sounds obvious but no feeling is wrong! Allow yourself to be happy, sad, lonely, frustrated, relaxed - whatever you're feeling, let it consume you. 

4. Stretch/ do yoga/ bust a move 

Make sure you're setting some time to stretch or better yet, dance. If you're working from home or watching Netflix all day, it's easy to disappear into the couch. Make sure to stretch or you'll be the next to join our "stiff back club".

5. Have a bed time alarm

It sounds ridiculous but it's easy to fall into "interesting" habits during this time. Give yourself a cue that it's time to get ready for bed and get a restful sleep. Sleep does wonders for the body, mind and skin! 

5. Light a candle

We love candles! Light it up and take a moment to smell the roses. 

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